The Structured Finance Committee of the New York City Bar Association focuses on a broad range of issues of interest and concern to the structured finance industry, including current and pending statutes and regulations, litigation and judicial decisions affecting deal structures and documentation, emerging issues in opinion practice, new transaction types and structures, and developments in derivatives and structured products.  Members share knowledge, market information and practice insights, engage in lively discussion and debate, and collaborate to publish commentaries, forms and articles relating to the structured finance field.

The Committee provides content on this website for general informational and educational purposes only; no content presented on this website is intended to be legal advice under any circumstances and viewers should not rely on this content to resolve any specific legal problem or question; instead, viewers may personally retain a qualified attorney to resolve specific legal problems or answer fact-specific legal questions.

From time to time individual members of the Committee will post articles or other materials on this site about current securitization topics.  Any analysis and opinions expressed in any such post will be those of the author(s) of such post, and do not represent the position or opinion of the Committee.

The current members of the Committee are: Christopher DiAngelo (Chair), Matthew Jennings (Secretary), Brenna DeVaney (Executive Committee Liaison), Mark H. Adelson, Charles Altman, Patrick Dolan (Chair 2014-2017), Michael Fabrizio, Alexandra Fischer, Darren Fortunato, Jim Gadsden,Marissa Gluck, Christopher Haas, William Hutcheson, Greg Kahn, Paul Kovachev,  Mark Kowal, Adam Lapidus, Steve Levitan, George Lindsay, Crystal Liu, Richard Mertl, Jennifer Myers, David Nirenberg, Anthony R.G. Nolan, Christopher Papajohn, Lauris Rall, Andrew Shaffer, Samuel Sitnoveter, Jeffrey Stern (Chair 2011-2014), Paul St. Lawrence, Michael Urschel,   Brian Victor, Andris Vizbaras, Craig Wolson (Founder and Chair from 2004-08) and Jordan Yarett.

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